Bosch engine overhaul

If you have a lot of kilometers on the counter of your ebike with Bosch motor, it is possible that a raw sound comes from your Bosch mid-engine.
You have the impression that the bicycle is pedaling badly, or that it feels like the sprockets and/or chain are worn.
Sometimes you can also have the idea that you are 'pedaling through the motor', that the gears in the motor are no longer 'picking up'.
There is an annoying growling sound and the support falters.

In that case it is possible to carry out an engine overhaul. This is only possible if the problems really come from the engine and the bicycle has no other faults. It is also not possible for every type of Bosch engine. For this it is important that we first check and read out the entire bicycle.

After reading and checking, we can advise you whether it is possible to overhaul your Bosch mid-engine.