Nothing is more annoying than standing still.

We repair, maintain or overhaul, among others:

  • Bicycles
  • Electric bicycles (various systems, such as: Panasonic, Yamaha, Bafang, Brose, Bosch, Shimano Steps, Giant BrightRide, Koga, Sparta, Qwic, Gazelle, Sparta, Batavus, Amslod, Stella, RAT, etc. etc.
  • City bikes and Children's bikes
  • Hybrid bikes and Mountain bikes
  • Riding bicycles, go-karts and cargo bikes
  • Recumbents and Semi-recumbents
  • Tandems, Tricycles and Quatrobikes
  • Mobility scooters, Wheelchairs and Rollators
  • Wheelbarrows and Trolleys
  • Horse-drawn carriages (gig)
  • Garden machine

But also repair, maintenance or overhaul of:

  • Suspension forks (Suntour, Magura and Fox)
  • Enviolo
  • Rohloff
  • Alfine
  • Batteries (battery revision)
  • Spoke wheel (replacement of hub or rim)

You can also contact us for saddle and handlebar problems. (Dealer Ergotec)

In short, nothing is too crazy for us!

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