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In the historic building of 'Hotel Jan van Weert' (anno 1902) on the Stationsstraat in Weert you will find our store with workshop.

You can bring your bicycle (regardless of origin) for repair and/or maintenance.
If you do not want to lose your bike for too long, you can make an appointment on our planner.
Time will be set aside for your repair, this way you will hopefully don't have to miss your bike to long.
If you bring your bike without an appointment, it will be handled in order of arrival.
When you bring/drop off your bike, we will provide you with a time estimate.

Looking for a new bike? Explanations about our bikes and a test ride can be scheduled, please contact us. We will gladly make time for you.
Of course we also have several used bicycles available from stock.
We don't just sell bicycles, but help you with your search and hope that with sound advice you can ultimately succeed with us.

We have various bikes, parts, clothing and accessories in stock, so feel free to drop by.
What you find on our webshop, you will also find in our store and more....... (stock will be updated a few times a day)

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