Prices for service and repair»

Published on 18-12-2023

Unfortunately, these are financially difficult times for many people.
We also notice this in the store. Every day we are asked how much something costs.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to provide prices for repairs via the website, by telephone or by email.
In order to provide an indication of price, it is necessary for us to see the bicycle.
Even then it is still difficult to give a price, because you cannot see all the problems from the outside.
You can find parts prices in our webshop.

After all, if a bicycle does not shift, it could be the cable, but it could also be the shifter - or in the worst case, the hub.
Then you quickly get a difference in a repair of 20 euros to more than 200-300 euros.
If a tire is broken, it may be the inner tube, but maybe the outside tire also needs to be replaced.
Perhaps a rim tape needs to be replaced. Is it a 'simple' bicycle, or an electric one with the motor in the wheel and an automatic gearbox? These are all things that influence the price.

Unfortunately, we cannot pass on prices without seeing the bicycle, this is simply impossible.

You are welcome in our store, so we can see the bicycle and give you an indication of the costs.
If an indication is not possible at that time, we can discuss further next steps at that time.

We thank you for your understanding.