Battery tests

Testing batteries of electric bicycles, electric scooters or mobility scooters.

Would you also like to know why the electric bicycle, scooter or mobility scooter goes uphill?
Would you also like to know why the number of kilometers is decreasing?
And whether the battery you purchased is not only new on the outside, but also new on the inside?

Of course you can then sit on the bike yourself and keep track of the distances. A fun and healthy activity, but also time-consuming if you also want to perform other activities.

We can supply various batteries for electric bicycles. testing mobility scooters or electric scooters. You will receive a report on the condition of your battery(s).

We also give you advice and answer your questions.

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Measuring the capacity of a battery is done by first fully charging the battery using. the charger supplied with the bicycle, scooter or mobility scooter. After this, the battery is connected to the bicycle, scooter or mobility scooter battery tester and discharged in a controlled manner.
During the discharging process, the built-in processor continuously measures the discharge current, battery voltage and time. When the battery is almost discharged, the battery tester will interrupt the test and show the end result in Ah in the display.
You will receive a graph from us on paper. You can use this, for example, to sell your electric bicycle again with demonstrable evidence of the current battery status.
After this testing, the battery is empty and we will charge it again using: your own battery charger.

This complete process takes about a day. This means that the better the battery - the longer the test takes.

It is possible to have various bicycle batteries overhauled; we can give you advice about this.
We can also order new batteries from a number of brands.

Unfortunately, we cannot supply new batteries for mobility scooters and scooters!