Adapted and special bicycles

With a normal bicycle you can go to almost any bicycle shop. But what if you have an adapted bicycle? Fiets Service Leende can help you with this. We can repair your bicycle in our (mobile) workshop.
We have the knowledge and expertise and have various parts in stock.

A bicycle for everyone

Everyone mobile, we try that. Even if a regular bicycle no longer meets your needs, anything is possible. That is why we see more and more adapted bicycles in the street today. Think, for example, of tandems, tricycles, recumbents and wheelchair bicycles.
When you have difficulty walking, have problems with stability, have a limitation or for some other reason cannot use a regular bicycle, a modified copy offers a solution and you want to enjoy it as long as possible.

Is something unexpected going to break, or should something else be changed? Then you can count on Fiets Service Leende for a professional and (mobile) adapted bicycle repair. You can visit our workshop or we will drop by our bus on location to repair your adapted bicycle. Also when it comes to electric bicycles. This includes the bicycles of:

  • vanRaam
  • Lintech
  • Hase-Kettwesel
  • Huka

If you have any questions or would like to have your bicycle repaired, please contact us!